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fun classes for all levels of experience
If you have questions about the different
styles of yoga practice, please call me at
(916) 441-4914.

If you're new to yoga in Sacramento and you're
fearful, check out something easier first -- perhaps
an Intro to Ashtanga Yoga rather than a full
Ashtanga 1st or 2nd Series class..

All of our classes and workshops are offered on a
drop-in basis... just bring your mat and show up.
Newcomers are welcome any time regardless of
experience level.

Come with bare feet, clothes that don't restrict
movement, a somewhat empty stomach and
a desire for a good time!  

About the classes and workshops...


Ashtanga is the original flow practice from India -- all the Power Yoga,
Vinyasa Flow and other recent variants use Ashtanga as their
sourcebook. The technique of  vinyasa, linking the poses together in
a flowing sequence of movements timed to the breath, originates with

Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally taught in a fixed sequential order with
the system consisting of six different series in all. Many of the poses
from the different Ashtanga series also float through our Classical
Hatha Yoga classes -- just without the vinyasas.

Each class we start with the two styles of Ashtanga sun salutations, a
series of standing poses and then head into whatever series we're
working on that day. We work on all the fun stuff -- arm balances,
inversions, challenging backbends and more.

An Ashtanga class traditionally ends with a finishing pose series
including backbends, shoulderstand work, headstand variations, a
few other poses and savasana, the corpse pose, as a final relaxation.

The practice is accessible to students of all levels -- it's about
exploration and adventure! If you're new to the Ashtanga system I
offer modifications, use of props, and lots of chances to rest and

For more information about Vinyasa and Ashtanga practices see

FAQs and  vinyasa/power yoga FAQs.

Ashtanga Intro

If you're new to Ashtanga -- or just want a more relaxed class than the
full 1st or 2nd Series adventures, these "basics" sessions are for you.
Using all the components of the traditional Ashtanga system, we'll
build a custom "ashtanga sandwich."  

There will be salutations and a few standing poses from the opening
sequence, an assortment of forward folds, balances, twists and
backbends (different each time) grabbed from various points of the
Ashtanga syllabus and we'll finish with some inversion work of
whatever intensity you desire from the classical closing sequence.

Along the way, we'll talk about breathing, alignment and meditation.
And sneak a bit of discussion into the mix of how all this differs from
other vinyasa practices and where it fits into the overall history of
yoga. Plus: you can call a "time out" at any point if there are

How does this compare to the "Masala" sessions? Similar in that it's a
mix of poses from different Ashtanga series but the Intro sessions are
much more leisurely both in terms of the difficulty of the poses and
how many we try to do.

Ashtanga First Series  

In a First Series Ashtanga class I guide you through the 63 poses of
the traditional practice, also known as the Ashtanga Primary Series.
It's fast paced (traditionally 5 breaths per pose), fun and very
challenging for all levels. That "63" number includes the standing
poses at the beginning and the finishing poses. The series itself is
only about 27 poses (depending on how you count the variations).

The emphasis, as always with Ashtanga, is on movement coordinated
with the breath (
vinyasa), specific visual or mental focus (drishti) and
the use of energetic locks (
bandha) to build internal heat, awaken
core energies and move toward a natural state of meditation. By
working on a specific series of poses, you can internalize the practice
and make it more meditative over time.  

The first series emphasizes floor work involving mostly twists, hip
openers and forward folds. There are many poses in the First Series
whose full expression requires years of effort for most practitioners.
Yet it's also a practice that is accessible to newcomers who can
approach the series gently by working with modifications and
preparatory versions of the more challenging poses.   

Come and explore with us -- all levels are welcome. You don't need to
know the series but some previous Vinyasa style practice is helpful.  

For more information:
 first series details

Ashtanga Second Series  

Not necessarily harder than a First Series class, this series (also
known as the Ashtanga Intermediate Series) features a different
selection of poses than first series -- including more backbends and

The class starts just like a First Series class with the salutations and
standing pose sequence and ends with the traditional finishing poses.
Just different adventures in the middle.

Many Ashtanga students put off the Second Series practice, thinking
they're not "good enough" yet. But most of the Second Series poses
are not dependent on First Series practice skills. The only way to
learn them is to start doing the Second Series practice. And I guide
you through the whole adventure -- it's a led class.

All levels welcome. It's a friendly class. Don't be afraid.

For more information:
 second series details

Ashtanga Masala  (aka Ashtanga 1-2-3)

Arm balances and inversions, vinyasas and levitation practice. It's a
mix of adventurous sequences drawn from Ashtanga's 1st through
4th series for both beginning and continuing students. Explore some
of the neglected poses more deeply to cultivate greater awareness,
endurance and strength. This format allows us to begin work on many
of the doable (and fun) poses that are overlooked by many teachers
and, if you're an Ashtanga student, it's work you don't get in your
practice if you're only doing First and Second Series.

Some of those 3rd & 4th series poses are delicious treats when we lift
a sequence of a few poses out of a series and combine that with
other work instead of trying to do one of the advanced series
(3-4-5-6) in its entirety.  It'll be a different mix of poses for each of
these sessions. Though we take a "masala" approach and stir it up,
the flavor of the practice will still very much be that of a traditional
Ashtanga class -- listening to the breath, exploring the classic poses
in deeper ways, floating through the vinyasas, and observing a
meditative focus.

Of course all level are welcome. You'll have a great time. We'll work
on enhancing the skills you currently have by approaching your
practice from a new angle -- different poses, interesting
strength-building entrances and exits, and lots of discussion about
form and alignment in the practice.

Classical Hatha Yoga

These fun sessions are designed to build strength, improve flexibility
and cultivate meditative focus. The classes take an Iyengar -
influenced approach to work on correct form in a broad assortment of
traditional hatha yoga poses.

The practice is rounded out with introductions to breath work
(pranayama) and relaxation techniques from the yoga tradition.

Ideal for beginners or those wanting a moderately paced class.
Although we're exploring different poses each class, we always offer
lots of basic instruction and modifications for those new to the
practice. Unlike a flow practice, we avoid the repetition of endless
vinyasas to concentrate on the poses themselves.

                         "Better than flow"  
                                    -- Kristin, one of my students.

If you're a more experienced student, you'll appreciate the wide
variety of poses we work on and the coaching toward more
challenging variations. Newcomers are welcome at any class.

For more information:  
hatha yoga details

See you in class soon!
Bill in Bharadvajasana from Ashtanga Second Series.
Bill with Sacramento yoga adept Kathy Dominic. She's doing Uttana Salabhasana from the Ashtanga Fifth Series.
Bill Counter in Adho Mukha Vrksasana in a vinyasa from Ashtanga third series.
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Sacramento yoga options include Power yoga and Ashtanga first and second series. Here's Bill asssising Freya in Parsva Dhanurasana, a pose from the Ashtanga Second Series.
Yoga in Sacramento, California. Ashtanga, classical hatha yoga and ashtanga inspired power yoga classes for all levels.
Vrksasana is a basic standing balance featured in our classical hatha yoga program. It cultivates strength and mental focus.