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(916) 441- 4914
Ardha Chandrasana - the half moon pose, a favorite in Power Yoga and Classical Hatha Yoga practice.
Classical Hatha Yoga in Sacramento. Here Bill is adjusting a student in a twist.

Bill Counter has been
teaching yoga to all levels
of students since 1992.

He believes that yoga
practice should be
challenging but also have
a component of fun

Bill's classes reflect
years of experience with
a variety of teachers in a
number of practice styles
including traditional hatha
yoga, Iyengar yoga and

Prior to moving to
Sacramento in 2006, Bill
was the owner and
principal teacher at
Yoga Bhoga in Portland,
Oregon. Bill was also the
founder of
Yoga Oasis
in Tucson, Arizona.
Join Bill for fun, challenging yoga classes in Sacramento. All levels welcome!
builds strength,
increases flexibility,
improves balance and
sharpens concentration.
It's been around for
5,000 years because
it works!
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 Yoga Sacramento: Resting after backbends in one of Bill's Hatha Yoga classes.
Yoga Sacramento: Ashtanga, Power Yoga and Classsical Hatha Yoga classes for all levels. Here Bill is working with students on a variation of Krounchasana, the heron pose, in a Power Yoga class.
Bill's Sacramento yoga classes work on developing strength, balance and meditative focus.

Fall 2017 workshop schedule

These are all mixed-level led classes with lots of instruction so you don't need
to know the series we're doing. Drop-ins are welcome at any of the sessions.
Join us!

See detail information for the venue
s down below the schedule.

cost: $20 per session either at the door or via pre-registration.

Sunday, September 24
11 am to 1 pm
Ashtanga 1st Series
Location: Akasha Yoga
140 F St. Davis

Saturday, October 7
Noon to 2 pm
Ashtanga 1st Series
Location: Yoga Shala Midtown
2030 H St.

Sunday, October 8
Noon to 2 pm
Ashtanga 2nd Series
Location: Yoga Shala Midtown
2030 H St.

Akasha Yoga

140 F St., Davis

Google map to Akasha

On the Akasha website:
reserve a spot

Yoga Shala Midtown

2030 H St., Sacramento   

Google map to the Shala

On the Shala website:
reserve a spot

On Absolutely
| more about Ashtanga 1st Series |
more about 2nd Series |

All levels of practitioners are welcome at any of these sessions. There
will be lots of opportunities to use props, work on easier variations,
cheat a bit, or skip a few things.   

Questions? Call me at 916-441-4914

class schedule? what schedule?
Sorry, but I'm not teaching any regular ongoing classes at this time -- just
these workshops.
Working on
lengthening the spine
in Supta Virasana (the
reclining hero pose)
in an Intro to 3rd & 4th
Series Ashtanga class.
Resting between backbends.
Classical Hatha Yoga in Sacramento -- classes at Practice Yoga
Developing flexibility and balance in
Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana, from
the Ashtanga Opening Sequence.
Sacramento Yoga With Bill Counter on Facebook
Ashtanga with Bill Counter at Yoga Shala Sacramento